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Brian Manning Delaney (
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 11:10:25 -0700

Chris Fedeli wrote:
> wrote:

>> [It's getting worse. -- GB]

> ...and worse:
> Financial Times 13 Sept 99
> GM foods groups face huge lawsuit
> By Jean Eaglesham, Legal Correspondent
> The world's biggest life science companies
> and grain processors will face a multi-billion
> dollar antitrust action to be launched in up
> to 30 countries later this year.
> The unprecedented lawsuits will claim that
> companies such as Monsanto, DuPont and
> Novartis are exploiting bioengineering techniques
> to gain a stranglehold on agricultural markets.


Hi Chris. How is this "worse," as opposed to an entirely separate issue: potentially illegal (or deleterious) monopoly control?

Anything associated with Rifkin is likely to be bad, to be sure, and _his_ interest in this suit isn't centered on monopoly control.

Is it, then, that we should put up with monopolies in order to advance high tech?


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