Re: rational feminism

den Otter (
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 02:24:29 +0200

> From: Lee Daniel Crocker < (none)>

> I cannot today buy an unedited Penthouse magazine in Canada, and some
> cities in the US, specifically because of one woman: Katherine McKinnon,

How exactly is Penthouse being "edited", i.e. censored? Note that Penthouse (not to mention Playboy) sucks; you should really buy quality mags like "Naughty Neighbors" or one from the "Hustler" series (they have many specialty mags).

> who influenced those legislators much the way Candy Lightner influenced
> legislators to crack down on drunk driving. Mary Kay LeTourneau is in
> jail today never having harmed anyone in any way.

Yes, I was disgusted by that injustice too. Which reminds me: I saw "Scared Straight" again recently, and was blown away by the absurdity of the whole setup. Those idiots take a kind of perverted pride in the fact that prisons are primitive, inhumane hell holes where the least guilty get punished the most. If that program showed anything, it's that the justice system is a complete (and very sick) joke. Where are all those bleeding-heart human rights activists when people are being randomly raped, beaten, psychologically brutalized and even killed in prison by guards and inmates alike? Friggin hypocrites.

P.s: though essentially gender-neutral, I think that (IMHO) the transtopian principles are one of the most powerful "feminist" statements to date. Full personal empowerment, that's what it's all about.