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This pass is good only for:
Fantasy Showbar, NJ's most popular Gentlemen's club Located at 710 Black Horse Pike
Mt. Ephraim NJ 08059 609-931-8040
Hours are Monday through Thursday 12noon till 2 am Friday & Saturday 12noon till 5 am
Sunday 4 pm till 1 am



This pass is good only for:
Showgirls Palace, NJ's 2nd most popular Gentlemen's club (except on Friday & Saturday evenings, when we have our swingers parties, No exceptions)
Located at 3000 Admiral Wilson Blvd
Pennsauken NJ 08010 609-665-6262
Hours are Monday through Thursday 12noon till 2 am Closed Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays




This pass is good only for:
Club Can Can, NJ's 3rd most popular Gentlemen's club Located at Rt. 73 & Royal Avenue.
Pennsauken NJ 08110 609-662-2333
Hours are Monday through Thursday 12noon till 2 am Friday & Saturday 12noon till 3 am
Closed Sundays



3000 Admiral Wilson Blvd. Pennsauken, N.J. 609-931-8040

     Check above web site for FAQís, Personal Ads, Members Feedback,
                  Messageboards, Chat Rooms & Party Schedule

                               Weekly Newsletter 9/13/99


 NOTE: Most questions you have can be answered by reading the SwingersUSA web site. Please read the web site
     thoroughly and if you cannot find the answer to your question, please email 


Rsvp Is A Must

Great Saturday Party Every Week

We are only allowing 125 couples on Saturday nights, and we know we are going to sell out every week.

To be sure of your admission, you must RSVP us!!! or call 609-931-8040

Our host & hostess on Saturday were Mark & Sharon & on Friday night they John & Tori! They both did a great job of making our new couples feel welcome and comfortable. Please do not hesitate to ask our host & hostess to introduce you to another couple or ask them any questions you may have, they are their to help you feel relaxed!

Lots of Tricks & Treats!!

Swingers Halloween Masquerade Party!!

Girls, get out your most erotic costumes!!!

We plan to have 2 great Halloween Masquerade parties on Friday, Oct. 29th and Saturday Oct. 30th!! Costumes are not mandatory but we would love everyone to get dressed up in their most erotic costumes because we will be giving away prizes for the most erotic costumes!! First prize will be a FREE party, second & third prizes will be Ĺ price parties!! There is sure to be lots of tricks and especially treats for all of our naughty swingers! Make your plans now to spend Halloween with us!!

Check out these great sites for great costumes

Hope to see all of our sexy swingers at these great parties!

Wearing Your Name Tag Is A Must!

The problem we are having is people are not wearing their name tags. Starting Friday, you must be wearing your name tag to be admitted. Your name tag must be worn while you are in the club. Here is the reason why! It makes it easy for other members to say hello & introduce themselves to you. The idea is for everyone to meet everyone!

Drug Policy Strictly Enforced

Drugs are strictly prohibited on our premises. We will make a determined effort to detect drugs being used on our premises. If we do find someone using drugs, you will be asked to leave and never be permitted on the premises again.

Host/Hostess Program

We have had 15 member couples sign up for the host/hostess program already. We have had some terrific couples host parties for us and this program is going very very well! Thank you for your participation!

3 Part Bonus Program

Do not miss out on these exciting bonus programs!!

NOTE: You will have 30 days from the day you receive your pass to redeem it!!

BONUS PASS: If you attend 3 Paid Friday or Saturday night parties between September 4th and October 9th, you will receive a FREE Friday night pass. Plan your parties and donít miss out on this exciting offer!!!

GUEST PASS: If you come to a paying party and bring a paying guest couple/s with you, you will receive a Free Friday Party Pass for each paying guest couple and each paying guest couple will receive a Free Friday Party Pass too.

INTERNET PASS: First time guest couples to SwingersUSA can receive a Free Get Acquainted Party Pass by filling out the registration form at Upon completion of the form, you will be emailed back a pass to use for your first Friday or Saturday night party! Please print this out and bring it with you to the club.

>From now on you will not get a paper pass, it will be entered into the database on our computer.

Saturday Night Trouble

Our DJ saw 3 people fall on the dance floor & stage last week because of spilled drinks. We cannot have this. Drinks, food & whipped cream are not allowed on the dance floor or the stage area. It is inconsiderate and someone could be seriously hurt. We will not allow a repeat of this. Thank you for your cooperation!

Good News For After Labor Day

Free Thursday Parties!!

Our members have been so nice and have helped us have standing room only parties and we really appreciate it. We know that it is difficult for some folks to get away on the weekends, so to insure that everyone can join in on the fun, after Labor Day, Starting Sept. 23rd. we plan to have parties on Thursday nights too. The initial Thursday parties will be Free!! We hope this will be helpful to our members and that you can take advantage of this great offer.

Dress Code Changes

Starting as of the weekend of Sept. 18th, the dress code will be as follows:

Thursdays (Starting Sept. 23rd): Casual

Fridays: Casual

Saturdays: No Jeans, Sneaks, or T shirts/ No exceptions

SwingersUSA friend, TogaJoe is having his annual Halloween Party soon! Details Below!

Toga Joe's Halloween Party

Fall is around the corner,that means kids are going back to school ans summer will soon be forgotten.

However, We have a great way to kick off the fall with the 8th annual Halloween Festival on Oct 30th. If you have been to our parties before you already know that we provide the finest in entertainment & food available.

As for the people, we only allow couples and single females that are over 21 and we always get a very attractive crowd.

We sell all tickets in advance to gaurantee your reservation. Their are local hotels, which are nearby the party and we will send you the list when we return your tickets to you. Generally, at a party, you can expect to see over 100 couples. Last year in 1998 we had close to 200 couples for Halloween.

This years Halloween party will be Saturday, Oct 30th from 9pm till 2am and will include all the beer and wine you can drink, as well as a cash bar for mixed drinks and the classic buffet with some very appetizing selections. Everyone must come in a costume of some sort, this year's theme...Lil Bo Peep & The Big Bad Wolf!!

We have Cisco's DJ's to spin the latest dance music and they will always play requests for you and other surprizes. The cost is $90 per couple and $40 for single females.

Don't miss the Halloween party of the year.

Send your payment, made out to TogaJoe & a self addresses stamped envelope. We will return all directions & hotel info with your tickets.

TogaJoe PO Box 421 Oldbridge NJ 08857

Special For Out Of Towners

Make a fun weekend for yourself at SwingersUSA!!!

We at SwingersUSA would love to help those folks that live further away (2, 3, 4 hours or more) by letting you know that you can make a weekend out of it. Attend the Free Thursday night party (Starting Sept. 23rd), the Friday party for $50 per couple and the Saturday party for $50 per couple, 3 parties for $100, less than the price of a good hotel room. So make plans to spend your weekend with us!! We hope you will all take advantage of this great offer!!!

                Hereís Another Expression Of Human Sexuality!!

                        Multiple Partners-We Have 29 Now!!

Attention: This message is for the ladies!

Donít be shy girls, if multiple partners excite you we would be happy to have a special party based on that concept. We need to hear from you if this might interest you. We need to have at least 40-50 interested ladies to go through with this, at this time we have 29, so please email and tell me your feelings on this and if we get a good response we can try to plan a special party. Its very important that you respond to this if we are going to get up enough people to have this party.

If multiple partners is not what you are into and you have some other preferences, please feel free to let us know. We can help you get in contact with others with similar interests, like B&D etcÖ.We can set up some online chats where you can chat about your preferences and plan to meet at SwingersUSA. Tell us what you are looking for, weíd like to help!!

We have received a lot of positive email about this idea, keep them coming gang and when we get enough interested people, we will start planning it!!! Thanks for your emails!!!

Updated Free Pass Info

Important that you read this message!!

July 24th to August 28th Free Pass Promotion is over. 15 more couples picked up their free passes this past week!! Be sure to pick yours up soon, so you can take advantage of this great offer. You have 30 days from the time you received your pass to redeem them.













If you donít wish to use your pass, please pass it on to a friend (couple) who may be interested. Thanks!!

Make Us Your Special Occasion Place!!

We love having you share your special occasions with us. Birthdays, Anniversaries & Special or Important Announcements with usÖ If you let us know in advance we would be happy to make a special announcement for you at the parties and/or in the newsletter.

Important: When planning a party please be sure to bring in your own cake and party favors and we would be happy to cut and serve the cake for you.

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Tantra Instructor Kim

For anyone that has not been to our Tantra Workshops, you really missing out, this is a great way to meet 25 to 30 new couples before you even go to the party. They are great for experienced swingers, but especially great for new swingers to help relax you and make you feel more comfortable. We hope everyone will check out the workshops before our Saturday parties! Our marvelous instructor Kim is now teaching the Tantra classes every Saturday night from 9-10 pm. Please RSVP if you will be attending the Tantra Class.

12 Couples Had Fun This Past Week

Thatís right, 12 of our fabulous members used SwingersUSA facilities this past week on off party nights and had a super time, FREE of charge. So, if you need a great place to have some fun during the week? Donít forget SwingersUSA is open to all of our members during during non party nights. You can come on down in the evening with other friends and use the facilities at no charge to you. We had 12 couples use the club last week and we hope many more will take advantage of this great FREE offer. As you know, SwingersUSA loves its members!!!!

Click below to go to the homepage with the index to the entire site, our 3 New Message boards, our fabulous Tantra workshops, take a virtual tour, FREE newly revised personal ads, check out our other clubs, send feedback and much more!! Please read the entire site thoroughly as most questions can be answered via the web site.


CouplesClubUSA is committed & dedicated to teaching exciting, fulfilling, safe sex!

Finally, and most important, we at SwingersUSA would like to take this opportunity to recommit to you. In everything we do, we will try to be the best, the most innovative, and the most customer conscious possible. In that spirit, please tell me your thoughts . My email address is . I read all of the email I get, even if I canít answer it all, which I try to, and I love to get feedback from our members.

We are having fun helping invent the future of the Swinging Lifestyle and we hope our services are improving your lives in some small way.

This ad is being sent in compliance with Senate bill 1618, Title 3, Section 301

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