Re: violence...

Cynthia (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 23:29:28 -0700

Skye Howard wrote:

> I am trying to gather enough information to
> formulate a hypothetical "solution" to this sort of
> violence- possibly several. The solution should have
> some restraints upon it. I'm not particularly fearful
> of such a scenario, but the "happy zombies" is not
> what I'm aiming at. Depressants that negatively
> affect mental clarity would probably be a bad idea.
> However, I also want a wide range of solutions,
> ranging from the simple to the complex... something I
> could put into a list, or table, and present.
> Like this (humorous version):
> Solution: Effects:
> Lobotomy mindless behavior
> Prozac Cured some, made some happy enough
> to get over their depression and
> bash some skulls
> Hypnotherapy Anonymous donations and gifts
> make hypnotist rich

My off the wall idea is to break their legs. Helpless people confined to wheel chairs are not a threat to anyone.