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My apologies for not responding very quickly-haven't had access to the computer until just now.
Indeed, a clarification IS in order. "The biological root of violence" is as good as any other for a starting point. What I believe I want to find information on is not the ordinary rough-and-tumble playground violence, but the type of the sort when too many rats are in the same cage all at once- another good point of thought in this discussion.

I am trying to gather enough information to formulate a hypothetical "solution" to this sort of violence- possibly several. The solution should have some restraints upon it. I'm not particularly fearful of such a scenario, but the "happy zombies" is not what I'm aiming at. Depressants that negatively affect mental clarity would probably be a bad idea. However, I also want a wide range of solutions, ranging from the simple to the complex... something I could put into a list, or table, and present. Like this (humorous version):

Solution:                             Effects:
Lobotomy                       mindless behavior
Prozac             Cured some, made some happy enough
                   to get over their depression and
                     bash some skulls
Hypnotherapy            Anonymous donations and gifts
                         make hypnotist rich
Kill everybody         violence stopped completely
                       after this
Thanksgiving          Interspecies violence down a 
                      little. Human-turkey violence
                      wayyyyyyyyyyy up.
Sock Puppets         Results VERY negative
                     Human-sock violence rising
                     dramatically., something like that. Except with real
information in place of that. I could then see which of the best solutions are most feasible, and have the most application on every level, both towards warfare and towards gang violence or what have you.

As to whether I mean violence in wars or violence in the cities, my best answer would be yes:). Though in some cases it may be violence on the politician's part. Towards that end, my question would also extend. How could Hitler go forward with the Holocaust, for example? How can our world leaders today go forward with their battles? What causes people to listen to them? (not part of my question really, but I had to go for it- I was on a roll, almost).

Anyway, I appreciate the information I've been given so far-what interesting turns this thing is taking! I shall be happy to stay tuned.

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