Re: Mother Nature

Michael S. Lorrey (
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 00:49:28 -0400

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: "David Lubkin" <>
> >Come on, folks. This is a crowd that casually discusses melting
> >planets over school vacation and who will bring the dip to a party
> >10 billion years from now. Rise to the challenge.
> Heh, heh....
> >How would you dissipate a Category 5 hurricane so it doesn't
> >destroy some artifact you are sentimental about, like the Statue
> >of Liberty? How would you divert it? How long does it take to
> >spread cometary ice pellets (Anders/Barnes)?
> Okay, I suppose you could disrupt even a force 5 hurricane with a
> nuke of sufficient power, if there was sufficient need, drop in in
> the center of the eye maybe, or against one of the walls, might not
> even need a megaton range weapon. The problem is off course the
> fallout. The interesting part is that in the eye, the wall of the
> hurricane would actually act to contain the blast.......hmmmmm
> <sound of scribbling on envelope or napkin>
> The dry ice idea has some merit too, you might not need cometary
> levels if you tried to intervene early enough, maybe a supertanker
> full with a spreader like a Chicago salt truck.......hmmmmmm
> <more scribbling>
> The key to determining when is local info, weather buoys in the
> hurricane belt, planes dropping those minature remote sensor
> packages, a "Deep Thunder" weather processor....

Actually, the key is to generate another weather system that will drive the storm north and away from landfall, as the current high pressure system over the south central states has nearly succeeded in doing. Use the space based lasers or laser reflectors to heat up the air over the eastern seaboard, which creates a high pressure system. The resultant outward flowing wind toward the low pressure storm center, along with coriolis forces, will drive it north before making landfall...

Mike Lorrey