Re: kathryn's comments

Spike Jones (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 21:01:05 -0700

> Edgar W Swank wrote: ...With modern weapons women are roughly
> equal in fighting ability to men. They even serve in the armed
> forces of the USA, even in some combat roles.

Have you seen women's boxing? Holy schlaMOLY these young ladies are tough! Unlike the men, who play as one would expect from those participating in a damanding and perhaps brutal sport, the ladies play as if they would like to kill each other. Perhaps it is a selection thing too: only the most... enthusiastic women go into the sport, whereas many young men box just because it is the thing to do.

I will gaze into my crystal ball, extrapolate on all the extreme sports that are coming into fashion, and predict that within 5 years, we will see intergender boxing. Furthermore, if the contestants are matched pound for pound, I suspect the women will make quite a respectable showing, and god help the man who underestimates his opponent. spike