Natasha and Mike...good luck and hang in there!!

john grigg (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 18:53:54 PDT

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to say how excited I was at the comments by Natasha and Mike Lorrey regarding reaching out to Arnold(if only I really were on a first time basis with him!). I hope Mike that you do try to reach him though it would appear a tricky thing to carry out. But I had faith in your abilities.

I think if a dinner/lunch/party meeting between Natasha and Max and Arnold and Maria could only OCCUR they would hit it off and become fast friends. I see alot of similarities between the two couples. Please keep this in mind Natasha as you try to go forward with your plans! You and Max are individually and especially as a couple something very special and could really reach out to Arnold and Maria, not to mention others in ways no one else really could. So please try even harder on all of our behalfs.

Arnold is getting older and had some heart problems so an awareness of his own mortality could make him very receptive to extropian concepts. I would love to see postings by the guy here on the list!!

I think Bruce Willis is another person we should seriously consider reaching out to. He is the present reigning champion of Hollywood action films and a star the public admires as much or probably more the Arnold.

We should compile a list of celebrities that might be receptive to our message. And also leaders in the corporate sector. Even if it has been done before we should not give up trying. Persistance could really pay off for us. You extropians have a certain enthusiasm and flair that I'm not sure is there with those who are purely cryonicists. I know they have discussed this issue also and made some efforts but were unsuccessful. We can do better.

On to the victory,

John Grigg

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