Fwd: Dissertation on nanotech and space

Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 17:35:03 -0700

Space and nanotech enthusiasts and experts please note this message that I'm forwarding at the request of Tom McKendree.

Please reply to him directly.


>From: "Thomas L Mc Kendree" <tmckendree@notes.west.raytheon.com>
>To: max@maxmore.com
>Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 09:56:44 -0700
>Would you please forward this to the Extropians Mailing List?
>Thank you.
>My name is Tom McKendree, and I am completing a dissertation
>on the subject of molecular nanotechnology and space. I imagine
>that many people on this mailing list might be interested in this
>subject. I will be writing up various sections over the next
>few weeks, and am looking for some people to review various
>sections. Reviewers should a) indicate where the exposition is
>unclear to the intelligent non-specialist, b) provide specific
>comments on the text, c) examine the math for errors.
>If you would be interested in reviewing one or more sections of
>this dissertation, please let me know, and indicate what section(s)
>you are particularly interested in. I will be following Rob Freitas
>used, where he would wait to receive comments from a person on one
>section before sending that person another section to review.
>Fair warning, I generally only see this email on Thursdays, so I may
>not respond quickly. The dissertation sections are in Word 5.1 for
>the Macintosh, which many people have difficulty with, so you may
>prefer I mail you hard copy.
>The list of key sections is:
> Background Sections:
> Systems Architecture
> System Architectures For Space Operations
> Orbital Mechanics
> Location Theory
> Molecular Nanotechnology
> Space Systems Using Molecular Nanotechnology
> Sections on Extending Location Theory to Space:
> Basic Model--location Theory between co-planar,
> circular orbits.
> Extension to address high performance rockets
> Extension to address planetary gravity wells
> Extension to address multiple factories
> Illustration of discrete modeling
> Sections on Space Transportation Using Molecular
> Nanotechnology:
> Chemical Rockets
> Solar Electric Ion Engines
> Laser Powered Ion Engines
> Solar Sails
> Skyhooks--tethers that reach the planetary surface in
> synchronous orbit
> Spacehooks--rotating tethers in free space for orbital
> transfers
> Spacehooks with Tension Control
> Sections on Space Manufacturing Using Molecular
> Nanotechnology:
> Mine/Factory for Carbonaceous Asteroids
> Direct Remanufacture Closed-Environment Life-
> Support Systems System
> Reliability From On-Board Remanufacture Of Components
> Logical Core Architecture--a system architecture I
> developed to allow radical reconfiguration of system
> structure over an operational lifetime
>There are other sections on introduction, conclusions, etc, but
>I'm not working on those right now.
> Thank you,
> Tom McKendree
> tmckendree@west.raytheon.com

>P.S., If the defense is held this year, it will be November 17, at
> USC, from 10:00 am to 12:00. Whenever the defense is held,
> it will be public, and I will try to let people who have
> expressed an interested in attending know about it.