Re: Personal responsibility [was Re: Genderless societies]

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 16:46:18 -0700 (PDT)

> Anti-masculist Western civilization will never punish a female
> for raping a boy with anywhere near the severity that punishes
> men for having sex with underage females.

This particular double standard can't be blamed on feminism, and you should know that. It used to be even more pronounced. Hell, the very idea that a man could be "raped" at all is very recent--in many countries it still doesn't exist even today. It is only in light of feminism that we even see it as a double standard and therefore assume it must be wrong.

Frankly, though, that's one double standard I fully support, and that fits well with the realities. Laws that treat unequal things equally are bad laws. Sex between an older woman and young boy is a qualitatively different act than the same act between parties of the same age and opposite gender. The consequences to the victim--both physical ones like pregnancy and disease and emotional ones--are different in degree and character, and /should/ be treated differently.

As much as Kathryn and I and others may want to transform ourselves at will free from the constraints of biology, the fact is that we are currently biological creatures with different natures that go far, far, beyond the fact that I can't bear children and she can't pee in a bottle. The law should reflect that fact (and of course should be flexible enough to adapt when we /do/ escape those gender-based constraints).

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