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Thu, 16 Sep 1999 19:19:30 EDT

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> Come on, folks. This is a crowd that casually discusses melting planets over
> school vacation and who will bring the dip to a party 10 billion years
from now.
> Rise to the challenge.

well, does anyone know anything about the dubiously-purposed HARP array? i only know a very very little... if memory serves, its stated goal was to give the ionosphere a nice kick in the arse, in an attempt to drive it upwards and create a low pressure area...? how it did this, i have no idea. help?

> Anders wrote: "What about a planet-encompassing Utility fog?". How would
> this help?

weather would become a massive smp app. you could program weather. breathing it, however, could be another problem entirely...

> How much less of a problem would we have with severe weather and seismic
> events if we just remove the moon?

well, being as how tides would quite simply go away, the repercussions would be staggering. what the fuck would happen if the moon went away, anyway? earths orbit would get really funky, for one thing... geez. i really dont think removing the moon would be such a great idea, but this is just an intuitive guess thingy... besides, moons look really really cool. i think we should have several more. =)

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