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David Lubkin (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 14:00:49 -0400

Come on, folks. This is a crowd that casually discusses melting planets over school vacation and who will bring the dip to a party 10 billion years from now. Rise to the challenge.

Hal has suggested a strategy for gradual weather modification. Can anyone add some numbers? How do you actually introduce the counter-air streams?

How would you dissipate a Category 5 hurricane so it doesn't destroy some artifact you are sentimental about, like the Statue of Liberty? How would you divert it? How long does it take to spread cometary ice pellets (Anders/Barnes)?

Anders wrote: "What about a planet-encompassing Utility fog?". How would this help?

Number crunchers: What effect would a 165 mph wind have on a diamondoid beanstalk? What about a 70-foot wave?

What about earthquakes? I remember talk from when I was a kid about dissipating earthquakes with strategically placed underground nukes. The project was undoubtedly killed in the general anti-nuke sentiment that swept through. But was it sound geophysics?

Given quintillions of sensors, can you get enough advance warning to put a nuke in place? Are there any non-nuclear ways to dissipate the force?

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