Re: NEWS: Cog & Kismet

Thu, 16 Sep 1999 12:05:05 +0200

It appears as if Robert J. Bradbury <> wrote:
|The October '99 issue of Discover Magazine has an interesting
|article on the work being done at MIT to give Kismet
|real facial expressions and an a range of emotions.
|Great pictures of a robot making "human" faces and
|surprisingly small network of 3 chips that control
|attention and perception.
|These folks want to make the "robots" our *friends*
|but with human behavior patterns. Just what I need
|a robot that starts kicking me if I don't play with it!

So re-program its personality profile to match your requirements. If you want a slave, make it a slave.
If you want an asocial misfit, make it so. If your ethical programming forbids you to re-program its personality, either override your programming or avoid having a robot friend.