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Many Western societies, including America, have taken an important first step in doing so: they have established for women the same neutrality in the public sphere that men have had. In other words, women now go to work, run their errands, and walk the streets without the social approbation that used to accompany those activities. Quite an amazing measure of progress when one considers that only 50 years ago this was almost unheard of.

But in some important areas, neutrality has been overrun and female superiority reigns. For example, reproductive freedom.

Women can have sex, get pregnant, and have three months to change their minds and get an abortion. Men, even those raped or tricked into fatherhood, do not have a choice about responsibility for any resulting children. See

Men, not women are told, "you play you pay." And persecution of "deadbeat dads" a national mania. "Neutrality," my ass!

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