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"Robert J. Bradbury" <> wrote

>On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Michael S. Lorrey wrote:
>> ... which is why the schools are all gun free zones these days (they
>> didn't used to be),
>Ah yes, lets give the teachers guns so they can defend themselves
>from the students.

Absolutely! Why aren't teachers entitled to defend themselves against violent students?

>Or were you suggesting that the students have
>them so they can take out their aggressions with lethal weapons
>instead of the more common fists?

For a start, lets have a firearms safety course as part of the curriculum, and a (supervised) rifle & pistol marksmanship club as an after-school activity.

On from there, lets have a civics class that teaches when use of deadly force in self-defense is permissible and when it's not.

Next step: Anyone of 16 years who has passed all the gun-education courses and demonstrates good enough marksmanship that he isn't a danger to innocent bystanders (and doesn't have a violent criminal history, mental illness, etc.) gets a concealed carry permit, good inside and outside school property.

>I'll suggest a compromise --
>Rules of engagement of the royalty -- if you feel insulted you
>slap the other persons face with a glove and then cross foils
>after class....

If both parties are willing, I have no objection. But the concealed carry permit is for the non-violent student who needs to defend himself against an aggressive and violent troublemaker (or more than one), when no "authority figures" are around to protect him (or her).

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