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Thu, 16 Sep 1999 03:04:57 EDT

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> I would be glad to receive any help and information on
> the causes (and methods of reducing) violence as
> possible.

interisting. do you think that violence is inherently bad? as a martial artist (and i know at least several others on this list are also), i really must say that violence isnt inherently any worse then antibiotics, or a hammer. its a tool, like money, influence, or a pair of tweezers. tools (and violence is a most abstractly defined tool) can not be good or bad. what they are going to do, and whats done with them, is what value judgements are based on...

what kind of violence are you talking about, anyway? what angle are you coming at this from? domestic violence? animal cruelty? gun control?* murder? killing in general? systematic killing in general (war)? or just suffering-states of all sorts?

ive gotta say it: i think that the most efficient, real-world-doable, way to cut down on violence of all 31 flavors would be to legalize pot, followed shortly by various other victemless crimes... </rant>

"having to work is almost by definition an intellectual shortcoming" -- transtopian principles (i dig that lots, otter)