RE: Artilects & stuff

Edwin Evans (
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 18:10:38 -0700

> So stay alive, evolve and be happy.
I don't see why I have to be happy, but OK :)

> Don't get your ass killed because of some silly chimera.
More importantly, don't kill anyone or do anything very dangerous because of some chimera.

> Once you've abolished suffering
> and gained immortality, you have forever to find out whether
> there is such a thing as an "external(ist)" meaning of life.
Uh, yeah. But seems very risky to wait. How much security do you want before you start dealing with the problem? 100% guaranteed immortality?

> There's no rush.
Yes. Let's hope not.

> #1
> Your goal of creating superhuman AI and causing a
> Singularity is worth 10 emotional points. You get killed
> by the Singularity, so you have 10 points (+any previously
> earned points, obviously) total. A finite amount.
> #2
> You upload, transcend and live forever. You gain an infinite
> amount of points.
> Who wins?

I think you've gotten off track now ;)
And I'm pretty sure if I could understand what you were saying, I would disagree with it.

den Otter acquires the Boardwalk monopoly, and players land on his property many times making him 10000 monopoly dollars which he promptly sends to the IRS to pay his taxes.

What value has been achieved?


Can we agree that no fundamental progress has yet been made in ethics or
epistemology as far as we know? 

Eliezer is (I think) attempting to attack the problem indirectly since
direct attacks have so far been unsuccessful it seems. 

den Otter has concluded that fundamental progress has in fact been made and
it turns out that NOTHING has any meaning or value. He puts it as "no
inherent meaning or value" instead of saying "no real meaning or value" or
(if he wasn't kidding himself), "no meaning or value". Since the fundamental
issue has been resolved in his mind, den Otter has moved on to subjective
(monopoly game type) matters.