Re: Brainpicking: constitutional effects of loyalty mods

J. R. Molloy (
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 12:39:31 -0700

From: Anders Sandberg <>
>there a way of handling the possibility that practically all of the
>higher leadership of the US/NA could be insane/spies?

I've known about the insanity of the higher leadership of the US for decades. I handle it like this: Their craziness doesn't make them one bit less devious, malicious, or brilliantly self-serving. So, I stay the hell out of the way as much as I can, and when they decide to start dropping hydrogen bombs, chemical and biological weapons, and so on, I plan to stay even farther away. "Mutually Assured Destruction" always sounded sociopathic to me, but nowadays I think they've gotten into sadistic psychoses which has resulted in close to five million (!) men in the "correctional system" of the US, which includes everything from probation and house arrest to county jails and detention centers to maximum security prisons. The American prison industry presently outstrips many NYSE groups.

>Would the
>non-infected armed forces be allowed to take temporary leadership?

"non-infected armed forces"? Not a chance. The infection had to start there.

>What could the infected politicians (whoever they are) do to

The same thing they do everyday right now: Lie, cheat, steal, mislead, defraud, harass, murder, and threaten.