Re: META: Neanderthal Attitudes

Cynthia (
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 10:39:49 -0700

phil osborn wrote:

> The solution is probably some kind of smart card or simple identifier that
> puts the individual in a new group that avoids the stigma. Such an
> identifier - indicating reputation, bonding, whatever would make them
> trustworthy - could make race, sex, age, etc., pretty much irrelevant.
> Which is why Ester Dyson's ICAAN effort is so important. The Web is the
> place to start. A universal social contract may well evolve from that
> effort. Then we can forget about all the fights about group labelling, as
> the really important factors will be accessible to our interactions.

I think one reason that has allowed places like the Price Club to sell stuff cheaply, is the fact that they are a membership store. They don't let people in, unless they know that they have a good job. And this not only keeps out most of the people who are likely to shoplift, it also keeps out people who don't have much purchasing power.