Springfield, Vermont votes for a prison

Larry Klaes (lklaes@bbn.com)
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 10:39:48 -0400

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>> To All:
>> The revote results are in. The prison vote has passed by a wider margin
>> than before. 2345 For and 1535 Against. Springfield has chosen the State's
>> offer to build a prison. We must respect the democratic will of the
>> majority.
>> >From here on we will work to obtain the best possible mitigation of the
>> light pollution that will result from the prison. We are thankful to all
>> those who have contributed to the Stellafane legal defense fund. It will
>> be of enormous help in getting expert technical and legal advice. Thank
>> you for your continued support. And special thanks to the editors and staff
>> of Sky and Telescope for sticking by Stellafane in our toughest moments,
>> and for helping to promote the fund.
>> We are also very grateful to those who signed the petition. The signatures
>> have spanned 6 continents. There is no question that the information and
>> comments that appeared in the petition have in many ways affected the
>> perception of the light pollution problem. We are hopeful that all this
>> will certainly lead to a better result for Stellafane than would have
>> otherwise been realized. As is the case with good lighting, lower electric
>> costs, improved aesthetics and better visibility are all welcome
>> by-products, in addition to darker skies for astronomers.
>> The International Dark Sky Association is helping us to bring good ideas in
>> lighting to the Springfield Prison project. The IDA is a wonderful
>> organization that deserves all of our support. I encourage all groups
>> and/or individuals to consider IDA membership for the sake of dark skies
>> everywhere.
>> http://www.darksky.org
>> We will continue to post information updates on the Stellafane Web Page as
>> they become available.
>> Once again, our heartfelt thanks to our many friends who have showed
>> concern for our problem.
>> Thank you for helping us.
>> Sincerely,
>> Maryann Arrien
>> President
>> The Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc.
>> marrien@computer.net
>> http://www.stellafane.com
>> Wayne "Waynbo" Zuhl
>> Secretary, Springfield Telescope Makers
>> www.stellafane.com
>> STM-Secretary@home.com
>> Waynbo@home.com
>> eFax: 520-244-5338