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There was a string of programs on TV a while back commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the moon landings, culminating in a rather odd discussion panel in the early hours. The panel consisted of people convinced, to various degrees, that the moon landings were faked. Many of them seemed aware of the protective benefits granted by aluminium foil, as it would block the mind-controlling death rays of the secret government/the aliens/the pixies from Mars/whatever. One of them even had a little box that would beep when he was targetted.

They were rather into crop circles, too.


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> wrote:
> > ...are you serious about this? did the previous occupant get any
> > attention? i thought the legends surrounding this type of thing had been
> > relegated to the urban legend bucket over in the corner...
> Yup. The landlord said the guy lived there several years, alone, with
> almost no furniture. All the foil was hung shiny side out (?). Software
> guy for Taligent. He paid the rent on time and wasnt actually damaging
> the apartment, soooo, OK. Indeed, there were not even
> any nail holes in the walls for pictures. The landlord didnt ask for any
> explanations, and the guy didnt offer any. I dont know if he was
> seeing a shrink. He had done all the windows too, and even the
> glass sliding door, which made it so it couldnt even be used as an
> exit, without wrecking the, uh... decor.
> Landlord said the guy called one day and said he had moved out
> and the key was under the mat. Never heard from him again, left
> the aluminum foil behind and never even asked for his cleaning deposit
> back. The worst part of it was removing all the tabs of double sided
> tape. Fortunately, the landlord knew that trichloroethylene kills the
> sticky on most kinds of tape, so it comes away cleanly (free household
> cleaning tip).
> > I used to wear a 19th century French tern as a hat, but it started to
> > and molt. I wasn't finally cured until I read Oliver Ducks' wonderful
> Dontcha just hate it when ya make a typo on this list? Several hundred
> amateur commedians with nothing better to do than make wise cracks.
> Actually this one *is* pretty funny...
> {8^D spike