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Wed, 15 Sep 1999 07:58:01

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Robert Bradbury writes:
>We had a little brainstorming session about Cryonics and
>were thinking about how to promote the Cryonics mindset.
>Clearly, a commercial with Arnold being lowered stiffly via
>a crane into a body-sized LN2 vat, saying "I'll be back",
>would be an attention getter beyond compare.


Thank you for bringing this up, because it ties in to activities in my area. Some of the DC group has also been discussing the promotion of cryonics--several board members of the LES here are starting to arrange to give presentations on the topic to increase awareness of it and other modes of life extension. (our first stop--the Skeptics Society! Why not practice with the hardest audience first.)

When Drexler gave his 'why I hate the east-coast' speech a few years ago at Exto-3, I remember asking him to reconsider that. I felt that he was writing off potential resources, including the rapidly growing transhumanist presence that is part of the high-tech corridor here. Well, guess where Mr. S. spends much of his time? He works with the President's Committee on Physical Fitness, he does political fundraising, he visits Maria Shriver, his wife, in the studio. I've run into him twice walking the street.

In the absence of someone having a friendship with Mr. S., I think that to 'get to' this particular actor, one would need to show the relationship of cryonics to one of his interests: politics, physical fitness, or possibly science fiction. Tangentially, one could try to interest Maria Shriver into doing a story on cryonic suspension, which actually might interest her producers. I could help write a pitch proposal and do some of the legwork if anyone is interested in pursuing that angle.

Kathryn Aegis