Re: tort law endangers my family

Spike Jones (
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 20:33:02 -0700

> My family is in Titusville Florida, Brevard county, right in the bulls eye.
> They were given evacuation orders. They all chose to stay.

Did you see the national news? People in Titusville taking shelter in a local elementary school? I went to that school, 28 yrs ago. Guess that will hafta serve as my 15 minutes of fame... {8^D

Turns out my folks decided to stay because the freeways out are all jammed. There are only two roads out: Interstate 95 on the east coast and I75 up the middle. Both are crammed with panicky yankees. The crackers know that unless you are within a couple miles of the ocean, you are probably safer to board up the windows, sit tight and hope for the best.

This brings up another question. The TV news is stirring the pot for sheer panic. Seems like sitting on a packed freeway is more dangerous than just staying home. But panic sells news. Whats the right thing? spike