tort law endangers my family

Jones, Spike (
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 17:23:34 -0700

The National Weather Service used to make educated guesses at the path of a hurricane and warn those in the danger zone to evacuate. Those who got those warnings knew it was best to get scarce for a few days.

A few years ago a storm went off course a bit and some prole who did *not* get an evacuation warning had his poodle blown away [Totooooooo...], so in the great American tradition, he sued the gov for several jillion dollars, won.

Now, in order to cover their own asses, the Weather Service gives *everybody* on the east coast of Florida a mandatory evacuation order, so of course, no one goes.

Before the case, only those who really *were* in danger got the evacuation orders, and off they went. Now *everyone* gets the order, consequently one cannot assess the real danger from the warning, even tho the accuracy of the computer models has increased dramatically.

My family is in Titusville Florida, Brevard county, right in the bulls eye. They
were given evacuation orders. They all chose to stay.

I havent managed to get any of them to sign up for cryonics. {8-[ spike