Re: Genderless societies [was Re: kathryn's comments]
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 03:59:01 EDT

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> > > I live in New Hampshire, where men are in touch with their manly
> > > as they should be.
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> > awwwwwwwwwwww shit... now maybe im somehow misinterpeting
> > something, or maybe im blowing this way out of proportion; maybe
> > im being the evil pc police, or maybe this is bait, or maybe there
> > is an implied wink after the above... but maybe not. mike, i love ya
> > n all, but geez us h; how is the above supposed to be taken?
> As opposed to the feminization of men? You don't need to "be in touch
> with your feminine side" to be a caring, considerate person. All this
> 'feminine side' crap is just that: a memetic tactic to castrate men and
> change the game so it is played the way women want to play it, not the
> way its always been played.

alright, i know its been a couple of days, but it was sitting in my outbox: what relevence does "being a caring, considerate person" have, exactly? and do you have some kind of problem with self-castration? if i could efficiently be free of my hardwiring, i would agree completly with elizier when he said "intelligence is all that matters". primative castration (what weve got today) is obviously not an option, but what i want is for my sexuality (all emotions, actually) to be a switch, naa, make that a slider bar, in my head. then i could castrate myself every time the little testosterone gauge in the bottom-left corner of my field of vision went to red, if i thought it was necessary... you seem to think thats somehow wrong. why?

and do "women" have a specific agenda that they intend to carry out? is this the same kind of unity attributed by some to the "gummint"? and is "the way its always been played" somehow a good thing? my "us-vs-them" meter is off the scale...

side note: wouldnt it kick ass to have the equivalent of the *nix "top" command constantly running just inside ones peripheral vision? and a blood chemistry monitor... arrrrrrrrr... o well; there probably not exactly new ideas...

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