Re: MED/NEURO: Human trials of spinal nerve regeneration in ~1 year?
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 02:39:52 EDT

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> Spud, whats an aluminum foil chapeau? I once rented an apartment
> where the previous tennant had attached aluminum foil to the ceiling
> and all the walls. The landlord told me it was 10 layers thick in one
> closet. Whats that about? spike

its to protect you from the mind-controlling rays, of course! its all about the ELF rays, man, ya never now what theyll make you do next... hehe but are you serious about this? did the previous occupant get any psychiatric attention? i thought the legends surrounding this type of thing had been relegated to the urban legend bucket over in the corner, but i guess that crinkle-and-toss act was undeserved.

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