Re: (Bio books) Advice/recommendations
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 22:59:51 EDT

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>I have been giving some thought to taking up a new profession, I
>guess telephony and computer networking isn't Extropic enough....
>I've had a lifelong interest in biology (it was my major) and am
>leaning heavily toward molecular biology.
>I would appreciate any book recommendations, (molecular bio 101?)
>or any other advice anyone would care to offer...

Molecular Biology of the Cell, Third Edition, by Bruce Alberts et al. Garland Publishing.

Up-to-date, extensive, easy to read, and plenty of references.


Biochemistry, Stryer. Now 4th edition, I think; mine is 3rd.

In terms of determining your ability/realistic interest in the field:

  1. Get some lab work. Take some lab courses or volunteer in a professor's lab.
  2. Take practice GRE Biology and Molecular Biology exams.
  3. Read current papers on subjects that interest you. Do any background work you need to understand them.

Worked for me; I was accepted at all 4 institution I applied to.

Best of luck, but be aware that the job market for Biology PhD's is putrid. There is a decent market for technicians, but universities aren't well set up to train people for that.