U.S. courts and physician assisted deanimation for cryonic suspension...

john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 17:56:34 PDT

Hello everyone,

I was fascinated by what Jeff Davis posted in the cryonet regarding what would be commonly called physician assisted suicide. I am not a lawyer or legal expert but I wonder if "physician assisted suicide" could be seen as a different thing entirely in the case of cryonic suspension?? Afterall, we only intend to be "temporarily" at rest while technology advances to a point where we can be "awakened". And some top notch scientific minds view cryonics as having a strong possibility of succeeding which would work to our favor.

So on this basis could we appeal to the courts and have "physician assisted deanimation" for cryonic suspension made totally legal?? I look forward to what you all have to say regarding this. Especially Greg Burch, our resident attorney.

John Grigg

Jeff Davis wrote:
From: Jeff Davis <jdavis@socketscience.com> Subject: It's NOT suicide


Recent posts concerning pre-mortem suspension and related matters have repeatedly involved the use of the word "suicide", and in so doing have tended to suggest that cryonic suspension is in some sense a form of suicide.

HELLO!!! Time to get a clue, boys and girls!

Find another term. Programmed deanimation. Pre-mortem suspension. Cryo-supression of biochemical metabolism. Low-temperature interruption of cellular homeostasis. Chemo-structural freeze-lock. Whatever works for you.

But NOT suicide. Even post-mortem suspension is "mortem" at all only because legal and medical groups establish the "authoritative" definition of death. As almost all readers of this list should know, at the moment of declaration of death and for some indeterminate period thereafter, the "authoritative" definition of death--which definition carries with it a sense of irrevocable finality--is not death at all, but rather the condition more precisely to be described as the-state-wherein-we(meaning the medical establisment)-can't-do-anything-more-to-make-you-healthy-again, ie, "beyond help".

Beyond whose help? Beyond the medical establishment's help? Yes. Beyond all help? No.

Cryonic suspension, PARTICULARLY a deliberate, planned, and controlled pre-mortem suspension, is, by intention, and by the possibility (in my view the near certainty) of a successful outcome, the very antithesis of suicide.

So if you find yourself involved in a discussion about physician-assisted suicide, or insurance/suicide issues, take a moment to make it clear that, in stark contrast to suicide's despair, desperation, and tragic loss, cryonics is a pro-actively life-affirming and life-saving strategy of dynamic optimism.

                        Best, Jeff Davis

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