More on U.S. courts and physician assisted deanimation...

john grigg (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 18:17:32 PDT

Hello again,

Personally I think we could appeal successfully to the american public on the basis of civil liberties and the interest in science as a means of life extension(even if that is cryonics). We would not be once and for all ending a life but hopefully just giving it a period of inactivity. Religious groups could fault us for trying to escape the relative short span of life at present but not for wanting to simply end life before it's time. Even disability groups might become interested in our message of a better world that we are trying to reach. They would have reason more then the average person to receive our message.

I realize this matter has been argued in court before and defeated but I just wonder if through shrewd public campaigning with the right allies we could have the perceptions here changed because in actuality our ultimate aim is far different then the hemlock society and other right to die groups. Perhaps we should disassociate with them and carry a torch forward just for ourselves since our motivations are so vastly different. Is this simply a matter of needing a hundred million dollars for a public relations campaign to sway the national opinion on the matter followed by a massive legal challenge? Or could this be done on the relative small scale and still be taken all the way to the supreme court for hopefully a positive outcome?


John Grigg

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