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den Otter (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:13:37 +0200

Probably old hat to most, but anyway...

"I believe that 21st century technologies will allow the creation of
"artilects" (artificial intellects, artificial intelligences, ultra
intelligent machines), with intellectual capacities zillions of times greater than those of human beings. I believe that this technological possibility will force the issue of whether artilects should be built or not. I believe that humanity will split into two major ideological camps, one in favor of building artilects (the "Cosmists") and those opposed (the "Terrans"). I believe that the ideological disagreements between these two groups on this issue will be so strong, that a major
"artilect" war, killing billions of people, will be almost inevitable
before the end of the 21st century. " Quote from Dr Hugo de Garis

[Oh yes, I couldn't agree more ;-)]

For more information:

Apparently you can join teams here, like:

Cosmists Team
Team in favor of ultra machine delvelopment; promotion and distribution.

Terrans Team
A Terran (based on the word "terra", the earth) is someone who feels that artilects are too potentially dangerous to be built.

Guess I am a Terran then, though it sounds a bit Luddite... Dr Hugo de Garis currently heads both teams (?)

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