Re: Genderless societies [was Re: kathryn's comments]

James Veverka (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 02:39:34 -0400 (EDT)

Mike Lorrey said:

As opposed to the feminization of men? You don't need to "be in touch with your feminine side" to be a caring, considerate person. All this
'feminine side' crap is just that: a memetic tactic to castrate men and
change the game so it is played the way women want to play it, not the way its always been played.

Elizaebeth responded:

For the record, I said "in touch with their feminine side" with tongue in cheek. I try not to impose any particular gender models on anybody. Men who prefer to be 100% masculine are fine with me. I think that traditional male culture supports a number of high virtues.

I think we are getting a little messed up in semantics. We are all somewhere in a CONTINUUM of sexuality, sexual traits, sex roles, sexual preferences and sex hormones. There is no ONE KIND of man nor woman. Men produce amounts of estrogen and women, testosterone. We all need them both. We all vary. Its natural selection rolling the dice.

Are we discussing intuition as feminization? Mens corpus callosum does not communicate the hemispheres laterally as well as womens. Intuition may have its basis in the degrees of lateralization in the brain. Its nature. But it does not mean men arent intuitive at all. Natural selection doesnt have a joint subcommitee on stereotypes. There is a bell curve in humanity"s sexual and gender neurochemistry too.

Are we talking about showing feelings or crying as feminization? Thats not being feminine, its just showing feelings. But...Nature has selected traits of toughness and repression of feelings in men due to many of the hostile and brutish environments in the last million years. But in a safe and protected society....Manly, womanly? who gives a fuck!!! We can all relax and play with different roles, being mindful of our inherant evolutionary "designs and limitations"...... If the omniscient poltical fringes would just shut up and leave us alone......jim