Re: Genderless societies [was Re: kathryn's comments]

Elizabeth Childs (
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 15:58:19 -0700

From: Spike Jones <>

> Someone mentioned that it is dangerous. Was that Elizabeth
> Childs? How is it dangerous? Would my sex drive go away?
> What if I took *both* male and female hormones simultaneously?
> What if I took estrogen and viagra? Is there an online study
> group fooling with these questions? spike

If you really want to try being a girl, the easiest and safest way is to try being a transvestite. I went to a "come as a girl, whether you are one or not" party a few years ago and was surprised to see one of my hairiest, most aggressive male friends daintily sipping tea and dishing out the most catty gossip.

Spike, if you're interested in gender issues, I strongly suggest you spend more time in San Francisco and particularly the Castro. I would try calling the San Francisco Sex Information Hotline and ask them if there are any resources for straight men who would like to become more educated about gender bending issues. Also, you might want to think about auditing a human sexuality class at SFSU night school; I recommend Dr. John Elia. His class is never dull.