Re: Genderless societies [was Re: kathryn's comments]

Kathryn Aegis (
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 14:51:09

At 09:54 AM 9/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
>> Men should be in touch
>> with being a man, women should be in touch with being a woman.
>I want to do both somehow, while remaining hetero. spike

I think that you could do that quite easily, without necessarily altering your biological structure! My own gender identity is androgynous, and my female biology has rarely gotten in the way of expressing the more 'masculine' or 'feminine' parts of my personality. I don't feel 'male' or 'female', I feel 'human'.

Robert has an important point in saying that men and women should be 'in touch' with their respective aspects, because that provides the key for moving beyond what you were born with.

I would add, however, that one does not necessarily have to be content with that, or to remain in that particular aspect. Why should we? Our bodies, our minds, and our personalities are increasingly distributed, pliable, and changeable. Why do I see so much fear over expressing that in these various threads? Aren't we the one group of people who would leap happily into these new modes of expression? Why are we trying to cling to established modes of male, female, hetero, homo?

Kathryn Aegis