Re: Applied Libertiariansism (Was Re: kathryn's comments)

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Mike Lorrey tried:
Feminism today is not about equality, but superiority. Its the "I've got mine, screw you." mentality of politics.... If we men complain


No, it's not You are confusing a very small minority of loud mouthed radical feminists with equity feminists that only seek simple outright equality and respect.

The only men that complain are the mindless patriarchal social conservatives that have an agenda of getting their flock riled up. It is a black or white thing with these less than intelligent people.

The right wing fascist goons like Rush, the Christian Reconstructionists, and their like stereotype women activists-feminists into one group. They call themselves "libertarian"; that is ludicrous and the typical deceptive logorrhea for the right. They are "Guns and Gawd" people only. They would scrap the establishment clause in a second if they could............jim

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To accuse me, or any other woman on this list of having a problem with men as a gender is absolute nonsense. The most beloved person in my life is a man, and a very masculine one at that.

I view your diatribe as a revealing of what you think of women, more than of what we think of men. I hope that you will think about that, and stop using transhumanist and libertarian ideas as a platform for your own anger towards women. Until then, I do not plan to respond to any more of this.

Kathryn Aegis

At 09:57 PM 9/11/99 -0400, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>Women may be all for what they see as freedom for themselves (actually
>security and protection from all those evil men), but at the expense of
>freedoms of men. Being libertarian for yourself, but fascist toward
>others in the end does not make you a libertarian. How about being for
>freedom for all, regardless of gender? Feminism today is not about
>equality, but superiority. Its the "I've got mine, screw you." mentality
>of politics.... If we men complain we are labeled misogynists,
>chauvinists, sexists, being 'inflammatory', etc. When you complain about
>unfair treatment its 'justifiable'. Double standards, anyone? How about
>you stop confusing freedom with security?
>Mike Lorrey