Re: Applied Libertiariansism (Was Re: kathryn's comments)

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 21:57:11 -0400

Kathryn Aegis wrote:
> >From: Michael S. Lorrey <>
> >> I've said it once and I'll say it again. A large number of women do not
> >> regard freedom to be nearly as important as security. They will, by and
> >> large, prefer to trade freedom for greater security and protection. <snip>
> >>>The great erosion in
> >> privacy and individual liberty in this century began after we granted
> >> women the right to vote. To Kathryn and other women on the list who
> >> probably take offense at this, I challenge you to prove me wrong.
> I am fresh from a meeting of the Skeptical Society, so I'll stretch out my
> typing fingers here and have a go.
> Women are not libertarian? Nonsense. Women are on the cutting edge of
> every human rights movement in existence. They fight every day to keep
> their health clinics from being bombed, to keep restrictive contraceptive
> laws off our backs, to open doors in the sciences and technological fields.
> They lobby for increased parental control over schooling and for reduced
> taxes. Every day, women form their own companies, leap onto the Internet,
> trade stocks, take off into the wilderness.
> Maybe they don't express it in the form of a particular political doctrine,
> but women apply libertarian ideals in a very practical sense in their own
> lives every day. We have to--for us, just to leave the house is the most
> radical libertarian act of all.

Women may be all for what they see as freedom for themselves (actually security and protection from all those evil men), but at the expense of freedoms of men. Being libertarian for yourself, but fascist toward others in the end does not make you a libertarian. How about being for freedom for all, regardless of gender? Feminism today is not about equality, but superiority. Its the "I've got mine, screw you." mentality of politics.... If we men complain we are labeled misogynists, chauvinists, sexists, being 'inflammatory', etc. When you complain about unfair treatment its 'justifiable'. Double standards, anyone? How about you stop confusing freedom with security?

Mike Lorrey