Re: Views on the moller skycar???
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 01:10:15 EDT

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> One big flaw I see with it is the noise level produced.. you likely

> will never be able to flit around town in one, much less have one
> landed at your house in the burbs. It will only be from airport to
> airport transport unless something changes.

a few months back (sorry for the shitty ref) i saw, in _avation week and space technology_, a fairly large writeup about how work on noise cancellation systems was coming along. i remember in particular discussion of how experments with a two-big-bladed (there is probably a technical term for it, but i dont know it) helicopter (smaller then a chinook; sea knight maybe?) had achieved new levels of silence by carefully timing rotor speeds. also discussed in the article were methods of sliencing jet engines (in multiengine craft) by carefully timing the turbines... the researchers had high hopes for their work, and said it promised all kinds of good stuff, as is standard operating procedure.

anyway, this is just a bunch of vague and fuzzily greenish thoughts in the back of my head. if anybody has anything further on this, id dig knowin about it.

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