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>From: Bryan Moss <>
>>As funny as this sounds, why is it any
>>different from 'curing' homosexuality or skin colour?
>The difference lies in superficial variables. An identical principle
>applies: The principle of emotional inertia.
>Blind people want to stay blind, because gaining vision may mean losing
>some old friends, and the ties that bind. Homosexuals, concerned that former
>lovers may see switching sexual orientation as betrayal, prefer to stay the
>same. Similarly, unenlightened brains fear that they would lose the familiar
>comfort of their habitual thinking if they enter choiceless awareness.

I find the tone of these remarks rather offensive. You might benefit from an orientation adjustment - you'd get to join a community of some of the kindest, most intelligent, most accepting people I've ever known. I understand the point you're making, but you really need to approach this subject with a little more consideration and a lot more diplomacy.