Re: Is the brain a serial processor?

Carol Tilley (
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 06:16:37 -0700

From: Robert J. Bradbury
Sent: Friday, September 10, 1999 12:59 AM

> Oh my god....

he said, primping in front of the mirror once again.

> > I don't know. I would assume you are referring to Wilken's endorsement
> > Luck.
> No, I was actually refering to a separate thread involving Eliezer
> and someone (Elizabeth/Carol/??? -- my mind is losing coherence
> at this time) commenting on Eliezer's putative oxymoron about
> "unconcious cognition".

Yes, of course! It's interesting how the clarity-checker isn't activated until you've doomed your thoughts by clicking on that old send button. I could use an auto-delay in my mail program similar to the one built into _live_ radio.

> I am looking forward, with immense anticipation, to the day
> when Eliezer looks into the bowels of his transcendent AI
> and sees my face staring out at him.... :-)

Yes. And we will each be standing by with a set of paddles, gleefully awaiting the opportunity to revive him from his unconscious cognition. Or was that conscious incognition?

> ...the at-risk computational systems are those that attempt
> to self-evolve without a backup copy.

and here I thought that gods controlled/created their own destiny

> Dancin on the edge,

Well, I suppose that even your virtual edge is serving it's virtual purpose.<repressing a smile>

C. Tilley