Re: Waco: Govt Set Fire
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 20:32:08 EDT

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The FBI is shown on the tape repeatedly claiming that no shots were ever fired at the compound at anytime during the siege. So they claim that the people there shot themselves. (Did anyone ever try to match the bullets to guns?) An FBI agent is also heard on the tape admitting to Koresh that they did shoot at them. >>

Hold on now. They said the _never_ fired any shots? Even in the first assault? The one played repeatedly on TV? The one which showed the assault team firing into the building? The assault where Koresh got wounded?

Of course they shot at the BD's. They're cops. That's what they do. If you shoot them, they _will_ shoot back.

The above comment in no way should be construed as support for the horribly botched Waco siege. However, a note to those who desire to remain alive. If any government authority comes to serve a warrant at your house-do not shoot at them! The result will very likely be your death.

Did the authorities lie? Of course they did! Have your never been in court? Have you never read a police report? They lie (almost) every day to establish probable cause for personal, home and vehicle searches. How else can we fight the War on (some) Drugs!