Re: hermaphroditic birth???
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 14:20:52 -0700 writes:
> Following is a snippet of a news item that was forwarded to me. I have no citation, no way to verify this, and was wondering if someone in Europe had heard about this. It supposedly happened in Germany.
> *** Man gives birth to healthy son
> (Weekly World News) - A man with both male and female sex organs gave

If you become a connoisseur of tabloids, you will soon learn that the Weekly World News lies at the very bottom of the credibility scale. The publication is full of ape-children, alien babies, giant beasts of all sorts, biblical prophesies come true, and so on. It is actually quite entertaining, but I have the impression that virtually everything in the magazine is invented from whole cloth.

The National Enquirer, on the other hand, is reasonably accurate, although its focus on celebrity love spats and the like is not nearly as interesting as the material in WWN.