Re: Fears of nanotech

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 00:51:22 -0400 wrote:
> Brian D Williams [] wrote:
> >The Iraqi's were told in no uncertain terms that a B/C attack would
> >bring a N (nuclear) response....
> Which is bizarre, given the global uproar which would have occured if the US
> had used nuclear weapons against the Iraqis, regardless of provocation. More
> likely he knew that if he had used bio/chemical weapons then Bush might have
> used that as an excuse to invade Iraq itself, rather than leave Saddam safely
> in power after the non-war.
> Mark

Frankly, the near-instantaneous telivising of the war would have broadcast shocking pictures of American bio-weapon fatalities, I think you severely underestimate how much this would motivate the people of the world to unleash the dogs of war on Iraq.

Mike Lorrey