Re: Difference between Extros and >Hs?

Kathryn Aegis (
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 19:16:58

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>Yudkowsky) wrote:
>> I hate to ask a question that sounds this newbieish, having been around
>> the list for three years, but what exactly *is* the difference between
>> Extropians and transhumans? Stating that a "DC transhumanist group" is
>> "70% Extropian" implies a much more noticeable distinction than I've
>> been modeling - but then, having not gotten around to any conventions
>> yet, I wouldn't have any way to notice a division into groups.

To clarify my original statement, I was trying to convey that 70% of the DC group population is comprised of self-identified extropians. By 'self-identified', I mean someone who consistently refers to themselves as an extropian.

Kathryn Aegis