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Wed, 8 Sep 1999 15:53:47 -0700

Gina Miller, <>, writes:
> *Mini-Motor Models Nature, Advances Miniaturization Technology. For the
> first time, researchers have designed from scratch a working, chemically
> powered, molecular motor. The device will advance atomic-level understanding
> of natural molecular motors that power muscle contraction, sperm swimming,
> and a myriad other biological processes. It is also an extraordinary example
> of miniaturization of technology. (NIH/National Institute of General
> Medical Science)

This sounds pretty neat. It is a molecule which preferentially spins one way in the presence of a fuel source. It is supposed to be in the 9/9/99 Nature but that is not available yet (

> *Entropy Systems New technology converts atmospheric heat to electricity.
> Produces zero emissions and uses no fossil or nuclear fuels.

This one is bogus, I'm afraid:

: The ESI engine takes room temperature air, absorbs heat from the air
: like a sponge, converts, that heat to power and exhausts air at a lower
: temperature.

This violates the second law of thermodynamics. They recognize this and simply suggest that the law is wrong. From

: The so called laws in physics are only approximations. And same is the so
: called second law of thermodynamics. Science cannot predict if the second
: law of thermodynamics will apply in untested and unknown frontiers. Only
: objective observations and experiments can conclude its applicability.
: One who is a true expert in Physics will always keep this in mind.

Well, I'll put my money on the second law.

> *In September, readers of BBC News Online can vote for the greatest thinker
> of the millennium. Two experts, philosopher and writer Roger Scruton and
> lateral thinker Edward de Bono, have nominated their top 10 lists. But you
> may have other ideas.

Nice to see that Walt Disney made the list.