Re: NEWS: Rifkin at Ars Electronica Conference

Spike Jones (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 20:02:54 -0700

> > Rifkin and Hamer went at each other after that, trading
> > cutting remarks.
> Robert wrote:
> Aha, a case in point, it *is* possible to override the social
> programming *if* the topic is close enough to ones heart,
> system of fundamental beliefs, survival, etc.

Yes, in fact I have fresh memories from E4 of just such an incident... {8^D

> Wish I had been there. I could have pointed out to Rifken
> that the debate was irrelevant since by the time the population
> had settled out on one side or the other we would have dimantled
> all the planets anyway...

Robert, in this case I can truly agree, I wish you *had* been there, and I had been there to see you do your thing. You would have been a living can of Rifkin-B-Gon... {8^D spike