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Brian Manning Delaney (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 12:32:59 -0700

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

> Other segments
> discussed work by Michael West, the perspective
> of cryonics and there is even a picture of
> Brian Delaney and CR discussion [Is this *our*
> very own Brian Delaney???].

It is indeed!

They say they're showing it again in a few months. It's not a great segment, though. I'm told my cat was the best part. (And they cut most of my guitar-playing!)

Seriously, the main problem was that they refused to let me talk about the CR study that I, Walford, and some members of the CR Society are involved in. ("You don't have an M.D., so you wouldn't have enough authority....") So it looked more or less like I just cooked the diet up on my own "after reading a few studies." (Though they show a few numbers on my computer screen, which looked vaguely science-oid).

> Does anyone know if the top level domains like:
> ".li" (or ".lb"), ".th", or ".ex" are taken and whether
> you have to be a country to get them?

Well, if the answer to the latter question is ys, just how hard IS it to start a country? (I tried once in second or third grade, after being kicked out of CCD for refusing to stop asking about the women from Nod. My resources, were, unfortunately, extremely limited, and no one wanted to trade with a heathen sandbox-nation anyway.)


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