Re: The internet and connecting romantically...

Spike Jones (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 08:40:59 -0700

john grigg wrote:

> No one wants to be rejected either in cyberspace or in real life! But there
> is potential for seeing the personality and character of the someone where
> they would have been "filtered" out automatically for not being the "right
> type" for one reason or another....

John, after thinking this over I want to retract my earlier comments. I now reject my earlier theory that the internet offers the opportunity to turn off the internal censors. To a certain extent this might be true, however I see why one could fear rejection in cyberspace etc.

Heres a new notion: look for those on the internet who might go for the honest kind-hearted underdog. Be yourself John! You're a good guy. {8-]

The example you gave of not having a drivers license: look at it this way. Our society has painted itself into a corner because everybody has cars and drivers licenses, have we not? We spread out all over hell and gone, then we hafta drive drive drive, every day, spend buttloads of money on insurance, highway systems, etc, we cant change the system, and waste countless hours in traffic.

Think if we had current technology but decided to do without cars. We could build some reaaaally cool cities: moving sidewalks, telecommuting, lotsa cool stuff. Be yourself John. spike