Cosmic Skinner Box?
Tue, 7 Sep 1999 00:31:02 EDT

I'm rather late to the discussion going on re. whether or not our universe is a simulation, but I've always been drawn to the possibility. One esoteric fact that's fun to consider (if only as an intellectual exercise) is the work done by astronomer/computer scientist Jacques Vallee, who has noted that UFO
"flaps" come and go in apparent "schedules of reinforcement." Is this a sign
of _something_ manipulating what we call spacetime, or a sociological phenomenon with some decidedly Jungian implications?

It's possible that we are being ever-so-gently being urged toward Singularity by a nonhuman intelligence, which operates through the medium of folklore. There's ample evidence to suggest this same process has been going on for a very long time.

I think the options are:

a.) psychosocial, "collective unconscious"...

b.) "aliens" from elsewhere in our universe (or multiverse) are perpetuating this for unknown reasons...

c.) these "schedules of reinforcement" arise from something scripted into the computational fabric of our universe, and interact with consciousness with the blind resolve of physical law...

A few books that nicely illustrate this concept include Vallee's "Dimensions" and "The Invisible College" and "The Eighth Tower" by John Keel. The chapter
"Theater in the Sky," in Whitley Strieber's "Confirmation," is also provoking.

Please note I'm not talking UFOs, per se, and I don't want to see a good thread get bogged down with a lot of "skeptic vs. believer" garbage.

--Mac Tonnies