Re: The Future and Nihilism (was Re: >H RE: Present dangers totranshumanism)

J. R. Molloy (
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 13:23:19 -0700

Concerning present dangers to transhumanism, the following excerpt comes from:

(by Bruce Sterling, "Viridian Pope-Emperor")

"There are stormclouds all over your horizon. Legal
harassment from Greens is one thing. But scientists already have enemies who specialize in illegal personal intimidation. The ALF, for instance.

"You may have noticed that the Animal Liberation Front
no longer bothers with the "corporate veil." Instead, they tend to "body-picket." Individual scientists find these hobbit-like characters peering in their windows, flinging gouts of blood, putting stink bombs in their mailboxes, leaving burning bags on the welcome mat. Is that your future, too? Could well be. Hope you're up for it."

You probably already know about these people. I just thought I'd add this update to the thread.