How Den Otter's killer wave scenario will work out!

john grigg (
Mon, 06 Sep 1999 12:56:42 PDT

Hello everyone,

Den Otter wrote:
>"Hey, wait a minute...what's that? Could it be...Yes!! It's...
>The Wave! Wow, look how big it is. And fast. Awesome man! Far
>out! Ok, surf's up, dudes!! Right! ... Oh shit man, we don't
>have any boards! Major bummer, man! Ah well, we wouldn't know
>how to use them anyway. Nevermind...Run, run!!! Oh shit. Oh
>shit. We're all going to die, I have calculations! Sweet Jesu
>& Mother of God, have mercy upon our souls!"

At this point Den Otter jumps into his one-man escape pod built to avoid the killer goo and whatever else and escapes! As he looks down he sees Greg Burch and all his young extropian jedi knights in training having the time of their lives surfing the monster wave!!

John Grigg

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