Re: Tough questions

david gobel (
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 09:41:17 -0400

> Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:.. there's.. at least a 50% chance of this
> a 100% probability. My intuitions, though, tell me that this Universe
> is real down to the quark level, which I don't think would be necessary
> if this were a simulation. Then again, in this sort of situation it's
> kind of hard to trust one's intuitions - but I still do.

Reality sure is funny stuff...

I answered this question to my own satisfaction in 1994 when our first Worlds program actually worked...especially when we included the softbot with extensive knowledge of bartending. The answer is: a virtual world is an actual world under all conditions where the simulated cognitives are unaware that their world is a simulation. Once interior consciousness is available, it is real. I have been aware that we are a simulation since 1994. Yet, a simulation is real where consequences are real/cared about. Consciousness is the only REAL thing...(that I know of). I invite you to visit which is one of the companies resulting from Worlds Inc. Thus, my conclusion is that whether a world is simulated on a hypersupermegametacompumaniac...or a balsa wood abacus of sufficient's still a real world.

dave gobel
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